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Extremely compact and lightweight, MAC represent a valid solution for analog X-ray examinations on bedridden patients or patients with reduced mobility in a variety of environments such as the ER, OR and ICU.

The marked manoeuvrability allows a quick and easy approach to the patient and the powerful high frequency X-Rays generator guarantees a superior image quality in all clinical situations.

A portable C-arm for digital fluoroscopy with flat panel detectors, Symbol FP is equipped with exclusive devices ensuring precise and rapid positioning, allowing the selection of the best projection for any procedure.

The advanced acquisition devices and digital system provide high quality and DICOM complaint image at the lowest dose.

Symbol FP is available in configurations studied to meet the operator’s needs in different surgical and cardiovascular applications.

Viola is the analog mammographic unit ideal for mammography screening exams.

The system can be used with x-ray cassette sizes 18×24 and 24×30 cm or add-on digital panel.

Versatile and easy to use, the system is able to meet all user’s requirements.

The patented design with circular gantry offers a face-to-face positioning and the greatest patient comfort, while the inclination of the unit allows the pectoral muscle to be relaxed gaining up to an extra 2 cm of viewed tissue.

Calypso F is a multifunctional DR floor system that offers top quality results for general radiography imaging.

The system, characterized by an X-ray tube stand, ensures complete efficiency and reliability for every kind of application. The state-of-art touch screen allows complete management of the system.

Ensuring easy and fast patient positioning, images obtained with low dose always show enhanced quality.

Result of technological and ergonomic improvement, Opera guarantees complete functionality, reliability and maximum image quality in routine and specialized examinations.

Thanks to the variety of table configurations, the advanced user interface and the powerful imaging system Opera is the efficient answer to different operational needs.

“All-in-one” answer to any radiological request.

Born from the combination of a set of radiological components, Opera Swing is the revolutionary remote-controlled system suited for standard radiological examinations and special clinical applications.

The extremely versatile system, the advanced control console functions and the dose level reduction make Opera Swing a good ally also in emergency situations.



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