About Us

Company History

The Company Starts in 2002, first with the name of ALPI TECHNOLOGIY Corps, created with headquarters in Florida, USA and then in March 2019 we change to ALPINE POWER SOLUTION LLC . Since January 2021 we have invested in a 7535 ft2. new headquarter for storage and medical equipment and spare parts for the installation, maintenance and repair for all our clients.

ALPINE POWER SOLUTION, LLC is a company dedicate to the importation, commercialization, installation and after sales service of Medical Imaging Equipment from several brands in Florida, Venezuela and the Caribbean Area.

Vision statement

To be recognized as a great company that seeks to satisfy its customers with quality products at the best price. We also want to maintain the recognition we have earned through long years of effort. For us, our first responsibility is to our patients, doctors and nurses


Mission statement

The mission of ALPINE POWER SOLUTION, LLC is the selection of the best brands that provide an unequalled quality-price ratio, which has made us stand out for our great competitiveness in order to give to our clients a tailor-made offer. Everything we do is focused on achieving the highest quality in meeting the needs of our clients.

Values Statement