About Us

Company History

ALPINE POWER SOLUTION was created as headquarters in Florida, USA in March 2019. Since January 2021 we have invested in a 7535 ft2. new headquarter for storage and medical equipment and spare parts for the installation, maintenance and repair for all our clients.

ALPINE POWER SOLUTION, LLC is a company dedicate to the importation, commercialization, installation and after sales service of Medical Imaging Equipment from several brands in Florida, Venezuela and the Caribbean Area.

Our Products

Products & Services we offer

ALPINE POWER SOLUTIONS : sell, install,  and maintenance, and repair a range of medical equipment and UPS (uninterrupted power supplies) to businesses operating in the medical fields. Among the products Alpine Power Solutions offer are the following:

X-Ray Devices


Bone Densitometers

Dental X-Ray

Diagnosis and image storage Software solutions

UPS, ATS (automatic transfer switches) and transformers – from electrical equipment providers ABB and ABB-GE Industrial Solutions.

• Batteries – from B & B Battery USA
Current condensers – from Itelcond

Also, Alpine Power Solutions offer related services, including the following:
• Installation and maintenance of medical imaging equipment

• Installation and replacement of battery banks for UPS, power plants, and other applications.

• Installation and replacement of battery banks for UPS, power plants, and other applications.

Alpine Power Solutions import several products from manufacturers in Italy, France, Switzerland, and China. The Company export several devices to clients in Latin America. The Company also provide technical support services to customers in Latin America.

Business strategy

Our main concern is the complete satisfaction of our clientele, both in the material requested, as well as in the timely delivery of the same, the correct installation, start-up, operation and preventive and corrective maintenance of the equipment, thus guaranteeing the fulfillment of all the requirements of each order. To achieve our objectives, we strive to participate in the most important National and International Congresses (RSNA, ECR, FIME, MEDICA, etc…), as well as the permanent training of our personnel in courses in the country and abroad.

Our brands

Allied Brands